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Succulents, vines and plants…

Utopia: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. An alternate world where plants and succulents make their home amongst us, weaving and winding through every surface. You can feel the cool air as they breathe around us coexisting in perfection. For this theme we use all different types of succulents and little plants, vines and foliage to weave a new world for you to inhabit. We can incorporate some other blooms, e.g. in the bouquet, if you’d like – just let us know.

How it works: Select a theme that embraces the botanicals you love. Below, design your custom package by selecting the items that tell your story and suit your style. If you need to bounce any ideas off us we are here on the live chat or you can call us. Once you have processed your order our team will be in touch to confirm the finer details and to make sure we understand any little preferences you have. We then build each item for you using the blooms and foliage from your chosen theme. Your florals will be delivered to you, at a time and location you choose, all arranged and ready for you to set up. Our team can assist on the day for set up if needed, (live chat or call us to discuss). For events & weddings we suggest delivery the day before or the morning of.

Utopian Colour Palette Options: Blues || Violets || Greens




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